My Pé de Bitcoin answers complaint with Federal Police address and „hugs“

The company does not respond to client complaints, but deals with sarcasm when cited in complaints involving PF.

The company Meu Pé de Bitcoin encouraged a client to look for the Federal Police in a response to the complaint Here. With delays in withdrawals after alleged promises of fixed income, the company accumulates customer complaints.

With accumulation of complaints against Meu Pé de Bitcoin in the Complaint Here, the company is already considered „Not Recommended“ by the platform. Reclame Aqui is the main platform for public complaints in Brazil, giving voice to consumers of companies.

Most of the complaints against Meu Pé de Bitcoin are about delays in withdrawals. In addition, the company would not be keeping promises of revenue made to customers.

One of the clients would then have sought out the Civil Police and registered an occurrence report.

After registering the BO, Meu Pé de Bitcoin encourages the client to look for the Federal Police

Another polemic about My Foot from Bitcoin was seen at Reclame Aqui in the last days. That’s because, the company doesn’t answer the complaints made by clients in the social network. Thus, it is already considered a not recommended company.

One of the clients who came to Reclame Aqui to talk about Meu Pé de Crypto Comeback Pro is from the city of Panelas, in the state of Pernambuco. The company’s headquarters is in the city of Caruaru, a city 80 kilometers from the client who claims to have been injured by Meu Pé de Bitcoin.

According to him, a record of BO has already been made in the state Civil Police. However, in his opinion, clients should now seek the Federal Police to investigate the company.

The highlight is that in cases of financial pyramid crimes, the state justice is the one who takes care of the investigations. In the case of Meu Pé de Bitcoin, the public prosecutor’s office in two states is already investigating the company’s activities.

Without answering any client, however, Meu Pé de Bitcoin answered this specific client. In the reply, some person in charge of the company put the address of the Federal Police to the client, and still sent „hugs“, in a daring reply to his client.

She was also called „Meu Pé de Bitcoin – Tiram onda até quando respostas nos!!“ (My Bitcoin Foot – They make waves even when they answer us!!), also by Reclame Aqui.

„[SIC] Me sent a reply, sending the address of the Federal Police Station in Imbiribeira, Recife, thinking they got away with it! But for those who live in Caruaru and the region, there is a Federal Police station in Caruaru, behind the Shopping Difusora on Av Pedro Jordão 533, Maurício de Nassau-Caruaru. Telephone 81 37256600. Stay on tip! Make your report card! The more Bulletins of Occurrence , the more , hurry in the investigation !! They are underestimating us!! Look also for the TV JORNAL CARUARU, it has interest in reporting!! 81 99225 71 20″, said client outraged with My Foot of Bitcoin

Pyramid suspicions increase with customer complaints skyrocketing

Although Meu Pé de Bitcoin encourages the client to look for PF, this is not the only bad position in relation to the company. Many clients have complained about delays in withdrawals and lack of promised income.

After the beginning of the problems, Meu Pé de Bitcoin put an alert on social networks, stating that it is not an investment company. Nevertheless, clients from several cities, including São Paulo, have problems with the company after contributions for investments in Bitcoin with fixed incomes per month.

Livecoins contacted Meu Pé de Bitcoin to comment on the reason for the possible delays in the withdrawals and the reason for the sarcastic response to the client, but we did not receive a return until the closing of this article.