Crypto betting providers predict Trump’s term of office will end early

A Bitcoin Trader bet suggests that a majority believe that the Trump presidency will end early.

After it was reported that US President Donald Trump was infected with COVID-19, the crypto betting providers are also seeing increased activity

A corresponding bet from PredictIt, a crypto betting provider operated by Victoria University Wellington in New Zealand, accordingly raises the question of the current president’s ability to continue to govern.

It says: „Will Donald Trump end his first term?“

Originally, the bet was launched to determine the likelihood of a successful impeachment.

After Hope Hicks, a close adviser to Trump, initially tested positive and as a result the president and his wife were also tested, the trading volume of the above bet jumped suddenly from 6,000 to more than 37,000 US dollars.

A majority seemed to be betting on „No“ because the price for bets on „Yes“ has fallen by $ 0.04 to $ 0.82 as a result of the news

When it turned out the following morning that the president and his wife were actually suffering from Corona, the “yes price” fell another US $ 0.04 to just US $ 0.78. A week ago the price was still at $ 0.90.

However, the betting conditions include the restriction that „a temporary ability to govern, which entails a temporary transfer of power, is not decisive for the betting result“.

Since the impeachment process is no longer a threat to the presidency of Trump, the bettors are betting more or less on his „death“.

Even if Trump belongs to the risk group due to his age , such an outcome is unlikely. At least the incumbent president has to interrupt his election campaign for another term.