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How to Save PDF on iPhone

If you stumble across the PDF you’ve been looking for and you want to save it to the iPhone and iPad, follow these steps you can accomplish it in just four easy steps.

Four simple steps to explain how to save PDFs to the iPhone as well as iPad:

  1. Download PDF Expert for Free.
  2. Click the Share button within the browser.
  3. Tap the Options menu and select the PDF option as an alternative to Automatic.
  4. Click on “Copy to PDF Expert” and save it as a PDF to iPhone as well as iPad.

It is a format that comes with numerous advantages, and it’s not a surprise that it’s quickly become among the top commonly utilized file formats on the internet. It’s 2021 and millions of websites are using PDF files as a method for users to download and save files such as invoices, bills, receipts forms, and so on. This is a quick guide on how to save your file in PDF format on an iPhone and iPad.

How to Save PDF on iPhone or iPad

iOS makes it easy to save and export any PDF file downloaded from your browser on your device and into any application of your choice. Here’s how:

    1. Get PDF Expert at no cost through the App Store.
    2. Open the PDF file you wish to save in Safari as well as any of the other browser you might utilize.
    3. Click the Share icon. This is in the lower right corner on iPhone and in the upper-right when using an iPad.
    4. Next, click on then the “PDF Expert” icon.

That’s it. The file will be saved automatically to PDF Expert. With the feature you are able to save PDFs to the iPhone 12 or any other iOS device. The app can be opened to browse it or do other tasks like editing the PDF, merge PDF, convert PDF to iPhone or other devices, etc. Any time you’d like.

If you happen to find a PDF document when browsing the internet it is easy to save the PDF file to either your iPhone and iPad.

PDF Expert can also connect to the major cloud storage platforms like iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox and others. to allow you to browse PDF files that are that are stored on these platforms or upload and download PDFs via Google Drive or other similar websites. Or, you could copy PDFs to Files app to the iOS device.

PDF Expert is an amazing Adobe PDF Editor that works on iPhone and iPad that allows you to work with PDFs extremely simple. It offers a wide range of options and features, offering all the tools you’ll need when working with PDF documents.